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December 4, 2023, 6:23 am

After RRR star Ram Charan, KGF 2 star Yash Salman Khan answered the question,

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In recent years, there have been a lot of Southern cinema films that are becoming quite popular in North India. There are many films like Bahubali, Master, Pushpa, (Pushpa: The Rise) KGF and KGF2, RRR which have won the hearts of Hindi audiences. SS Rajamouli’s RRR beat the collection of his own film Bahubali 2 at the box office and emerged as the third highest grossing film in the country. At the same time, before the release, KGF 2 is also getting a lot of attention, which took the box office by storm before it hit the theaters. In such a situation, Bollywood’s Bajrangi Vijayan is also confused and has a regret in his mind that, when the picture of South is liked in North India, why our picture is not available in that state. KGF 2 star Yash has given his reaction in this regard.

In the beginning, the joke of the dubbed photo continued

Yash in answer to Salman Khan’s question Salman Khan Q) said, ‘It’s not like that at all. Our films have never received this kind of response before but now we have started making dubbed versions. People now know the content we create. I think in the early days people used to take dubbing as a joke because people didn’t see it that way but now the kind of dubbing that is happening is getting people familiar with our way of telling stories. It didn’t happen overnight. ‘

“We insisted, people agreed,” the KGF star said

The KGF Star added, “The first few years were like that, then slowly people started to understand the content, the expression and everything else. We have found a way to connect directly with SS Rajamouli Sir and Prabhas’ Bahubali. After that ‘KGF’ gave a commercial angle. After reading my director’s script, I thought it could go all over India. My producers also joined it. We pushed and people accepted. ‘

KGF star likes Hindi movies

Regarding Bollywood movies, Yash said, ‘I have seen a lot of Hindi movies and we like them too. Speaking of Salman Sir, it’s not that we don’t see at all. We see them but we should also look at other aspects of them. It is learned that Ram Charan also answered the question of Bajrangi Vaijaan earlier.

Ram Charan also answered Salman Khan

The RRR star said that it is not Salman Zir’s fault or the fault of any film, it is the screenplay and the director’s thinking that ‘our film will look high here’ – they have to go beyond that, our film is there. I will see ‘. For a film like Vijayendra Prasad (RRR) or Rajamouli, every writer has to write a script and believe. Charan added, “I definitely want to make an Indian film where I want to work with Bollywood talent. I want Hindi film directors to explore the talents of the South and make big films so that Budget Yes and then one day we will see a good number of visitors here too.


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