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November 27, 2023, 3:31 am

60 phone apps are stealing personal information

  • Update Time : Friday, April 21, 2023
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Smartphones have various security apps ranging from social media to call recording, banking, photo editing. Which makes many daily tasks much easier. But this app can become your danger. Recently, cyber experts have found the existence of malware in 60 smartphone apps.

Technology is constantly improving and fraud is increasing with it. Using technology, pages around the world are becoming traps of fraud. One of the tools is a variety of apps. About 60 Android apps on the Google Play Store are reportedly infected with a dangerous malware.

The biggest thing is, these apps are very popular. The apps have over 100 million downloads. The malware was discovered by the research team at MCAFEE. They claim that it can collect various personal information from user installed apps including WiFi and Bluetooth connected devices and GPS directions.

Users who have installed these infected apps are advised to update the latest version of these apps immediately. In order to reduce the potential risk. Common symptoms of adware and malware infections include overheating of the device and rapid battery drain.

Apps are stealing all kinds of user information. Apps include Swipe Brick Breaker, Money Manager Expenses & Budget, GOM Player, Live Score, Real-Time Score, PickyCast, Compass 9: Smart Compass, GOM Audio and several apps.

Source: Gadget360

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