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December 1, 2023, 11:42 pm

36 Bangladeshis elected in London Tower Hamlets election

  • Update Time : Sunday, May 8, 2022
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Lutfur Rahman, of Bangladeshi descent, was elected mayor of the London Bar of Tower Hamlets Council in the United Kingdom on Thursday 5 May. For the next four years, he will be in charge of Tower Hamlets Council’s new town hall.

On Friday afternoon, May 6, the Election Commissioner announced the name of Lutfur Rahman as the new Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets. Lutfur Rahman was ahead in the results of the first count. He received a total of 39,533 votes.

John Biggs of the Labor Party received 26,694. The gap between Lutfur and John Biggs is 11,739 votes. On the other hand, Rabina Khan got 6,430 votes. Lutfur Rahman is also ahead in the second vote count.

36 Bangladeshis elected in London Tower Hamlets election

Lutfur Rahman, a relative of the much-discussed Tower Hamlets Council, was elected as the total vote. Labor candidate John Robert Biggs received 26,794 votes in the first round of the vote count, according to the election rules. Aspire party chief Lutfur Rahman polled 39,533 votes.

At the end of the second round of counting, Lutfur Rahman received a total of 40,604 votes and the rival Labor candidate John Biggs

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