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20 gold bars were found in the anus of 3 passengers in Benapole - English.DailyProbash.com
November 29, 2023, 10:50 am

20 gold bars were found in the anus of 3 passengers in Benapole

  • Update Time : Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Customs detectives arrested 3 passport passengers with 20 pitch gold bars from Benapole immigration in Jessore.

They were detained by the customs intelligence agents from inside the immigration yesterday Monday morning at around 8:30 am with gold bars.

The arrested are Roni Ahmed (43), son of Ahmed Molla of Lawachra village of Muksudpur upazila of Gopalganj district, Mohiuddin (37) son of Shahid Molla of the same area and Habib Mia, son of Moosharaf Mia of Banisardi village of Nagarkanda upazila of Faridpur district.

Shaikh Arefin Zahid, deputy director of Benapole Custom Customs Intelligence Department, said that through secret information, 3 gold smugglers will go to India with gold. At this time, detectives at the immigration customs increased their activity. At one stage they were detained and interrogated. When they admitted having gold during interrogation, 20 pitch gold bars were recovered from their bodies. The weight of recovered gold is 2 kg 320 grams. The market value of these gold is about 2 crore 30 lakh taka.

He said that the gold smuggling case against the accused has been handed over to Benapole Port Police.

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